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I'm approached by POS startups all the time. But I need reliability with minimal risk, and a track record - a solid company that will be around for years.

Then you’ve found it. Compudime was founded in 1998 and has grown to be a leader in the POS industry, serving our clients with time-tested, stable solutions — and remaining on the cutting edge of new technology.

We are a supermarket with a few branches. Is CompuDime POS a good match for us?

We are the preferred POS software company for many multi-branch stores with features geared to manage products from a central location … or each store individually. Ask us about our best practice “Hybrid” mode.

We are a small mom-and-pop shop. Is CompuDime too big a company for us?

CompuDime actually started out as a POS company serving small to mid-size groceries and other community boutique shops. As we watched our clients grow, we studied their needs, and accomodated them by upgrading our software’s capabilities, and expanded our client base to clients of all sizes.

How do you deal with Credit Card Merchant accounts?

Many credit card merchant account companies “tack on” a second-rate POS to bring in business at high comission rates. We come at it from the other direction: We are a POS technology solution that can easily integrate with many credit card providers. Our relationship with top-notch Merchant Account providers helps us get you the best rates and services in the industry.

I believe your software has plenty of great features, but I need someone to handle all the hardware too.

Most of our clients do – we’re a turn-key solution, and can handle the customer-facing POS equipment (computers, scanners, printers, monitors) and we can even set you up with back-office management computer systems as well. That said, if you have existing hardware or an IT expert to handle it for you, we’re happy to install our software on it, assuming it meets the minimum requirements.

I'm not in the NY metropolitan area. Beyond your phone/email/remote connection support I saw on your Support page, How do you service our hardware on site?

We have technical support and maintenance partners in many regions. If we don’t have one in your region, we can help you indentify one and then work closely with them to support your system locally. Initially, we often pre-configure hardware and ship the system to you for quick installation on-site.

We do things differently than some of our competitors. How much can we customize the workflows in your POS?

CompuDime POS comes with hundreds of settings and many add-on modules that solve challenges and create streamlining opportunities for almost all our clients. Regardless, if you have additional unique software needs, our in-house developers are here to work with you to meet your needs.

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