Diamond Membership Plan Details

Take advantage of our Diamond Membership Plan to ensure unlimited

support for your entire team during business hours & for after-hours emergencies

  • Free Helpdesk Support on Software Use

    Unlimited phone support & email support on usage of all Computer Dimensions software (POS register program, Total Inventory Solutions backend program, Reports, and all additional add-on modules)

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    ⁃ 3rd party software support (I.e., Outlook, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, etc.).
    ⁃ Hardware Setup / Diagnostic.

  • Discounted On-Site Installation & Service Rates

    ⁃ Discounted rates on on-site installation and services during business hours: $105 /hr vs non-member rate of $185 /hr.
    ⁃ Discounted rate on on-site installation and services after business hours: $180 /hr vs non-member rate of $235 /hr.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    Off-site remote support.

  • Unlimited System Configurations

    Customize the programs using the hundreds of existing built-in settings to have it fit your unique needs. All free of charge.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    ⁃ Custom features and settings, new reports, additional fields, custom rules, etc.
    ⁃ Add-On Modules.

  • Member-Only Website Access

    Gain access to our Member-Exclusive Website, featuring a large collection of FAQs, program usage tutorials, informative program usage video clips, and much more.

  • Hardware Diagnostics

    Troubleshooting and diagnostics for hardware integrated with Computer Dimensions programs and purchased from and installed by Computer Dimensions.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    Installation or setup of new hardware.

  • Warranty Handling

    Warranty handling for hardware purchased from Computer Dimensions.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    Hardware repairs, part replacement or diagnosing other hardware failures not related to program integration. Like Printer Calibration etc.

  • After Hours Emergency Support

    Peace of mind with Extended Service Hours in case of emergency - from 7:00am - 11:00pm. Emergency being defined as a disruption of doing business which cannot be remedied otherwise - ie registers down.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    ⁃ Support for non emergencies, such as report questions or issues, hardware support on single station, hardware / software setup etc.
    ⁃ Self Checkout Stations are not being billed for Gold Contract and don't get after hour support.

  • Free Program Updates

    Be up to date with the latest POS & Total Inventory and Report versions available - free of charge. ($800-$1800 value)

⚠️ Whatever is not Specified in the list, is by default excluded.

After Hours Emergency Support Instructions

An Emergency is defined as a disruption of doing business which cannot be remedied otherwise – i.e. registers down (Does not include report questions / issues, hardware / software setup)

Email Support (preferred method):

  1. Use the designated after-hours email address (sent to you via email upon signup)
  2. Include your Contract Pin in the subject line of your email.
  3. Include the name of your store in the body of the email.
  4. Give a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing. Example of Detailed Description: “We had a blackout and now we’re getting an error 5768 when trying to print receipt…”, or “Credit Cards aren’t going through. The message we’re getting is ….”. Example of non-detailed description: “System Down!”
  5. If possible, attach a screenshot of the error message or code.
  6. Include a contact name and number where we can best reach you.

Phone Support:

You can use the regular phone system to leave a voicemail in case your internet is down or don’t have access to email.

  1. Call the regular office number
  2. Use the Service Contract option to enter your Contract Pin.
  3. Leave a detailed message describing the issue your are experiencing
  4. Leave a contact name and number where we can best reach you.