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FAQ Category: Customers

How can I see what a Customer’s Balance was on a specific date?

Total Inventory Solutions → Reports → Customer → Customer Balance by Date (Premium Add-On report)  

How can I email multiple invoices to a customer?

Total Inventory Solutions → Reports → Transactions → Sales Receipt Enter the date range & customer tel and press the email button (will only work if the customer has an email address on file)

How can I print a customer invoice for a transaction?

Total Inventory Solutions → Reports → Transactions → Sales Receipt. User Filter options to filter for the desired transaction and change Output Format to Invoice (or Receipt, to get a Receipt format)

I have Tags assigned to Products / Customers but the Tag doesn’t come up in the list of Tags when I search for it

Tag Lists usually get auto-updated while being entered. If something seems off use Utilities -> Build Tag List to have it updated.  

When I enter a search in the search bar I get a dropdown list with items. What is that?

The list you get is a list of “Most Recent Used” (MRU) searches. It displays items that you recently searched based on the letters you already entered in the search bar. To disable this feature, right-click on any column header and disable the MRU option.  

How do I merge two customer accounts?

A) In Total Inventory Solutions, open the Customer that you want to merge into another customer B) Click the Merge button (see below) C) Follow the prompts to merge this customer into another customer  

How can I set up a Master Customer, with default settings to be set for new customers?

Create a customer with the telephone number 999-999-9999. Whatever you set for that customer will be the default for all new customers. For example, you can set all new accounts to be set with a credit limit of $0.01 etc.  

How can I restrict a customer from putting anything On-Account and allow them to have credit only?

Set Customer’s Credit Limit to $0.01. This will let them have a credit balance, but will restrict the account as soon as .01 is reached.  

I opened a customer’s account in the POS and an alert about an “Account Discrepancy” displayed, with an option to “Correct History” or “Correct Balance”. What is this and what am I supposed to select?

This can happen for instance when payment is entered in POS and gets recorded in the account History, but before the system has a chance to finish and deduct it from customer’s Balance the computer crashes. In a case like this, the history would show the correct amount with the payment deducted, and the balance […]

How can I setup certain customer accounts to auto-charge their credit cards on file?

You would need the Auto Charge Batch CC Add-On Module: In the POS Program  → Utility → Process CC Payments → Enter Password → Customer List will load →  Select a specific Tag (i.e. charge1st, charge15th, etc.) or hit OK to select all → Press Alt-B to select the Balance to charge (Full Balance, Over30, […]