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FAQ Category: Products

How can I get a report of changes done to products?

List of Product Changes: Total Inventory Solutions → Products → Product Change Log List of Price Changes: Total Inventory Solutions → Products → Pricing Change Log Change Log on One Product: Open the Product in the Product List → hit Actions → View Change Log  

How can I see a list of items on Special?

Total Inventory Solutions → Reports → Products → Product List: under the Sale Price Status Tab check off Sale Price is Set  

I have Tags assigned to Products / Customers but the Tag doesn’t come up in the list of Tags when I search for it

Tag Lists usually get auto-updated while being entered. If something seems off use Utilities -> Build Tag List to have it updated.  

When I enter a search in the search bar I get a dropdown list with items. What is that?

The list you get is a list of “Most Recent Used” (MRU) searches. It displays items that you recently searched based on the letters you already entered in the search bar. To disable this feature, right-click on any column header and disable the MRU option.  

How can I apply Advanced Filters on the Product List without running a Product List Report?

Use the Filter option on the Product List for advanced filtering options based on sales, cost, price etc.  

How can I scan multiple items and print Labels / Signs for all at once?

In Total Inventory Solutions, Right-Click anywhere on the Product List Grid → Set Default to “Toggle Selected” (this will set the default action when scanning a product to toggle select/unselect) → Deselect All → Scan all Products → Select Label/Sign you want to print → Select “All Items in List”  

How can I set an item as a Free Gift with a $0 price?

On the Product View screen, set the Item Class to “Free Item”  

How can I search for an Alias Code in the Product List?

Type the code in the “Search Code” box under the Product List and press Enter. See attached image.  

How do I setup a Price Encoded Barcode?

Price Encoded barcodes should be setup as follows: Low Priced items that always sell under $100: 2 + 5-digit-code + 00000 (example: 21234500000) Expensive items that could sell over $100 (expensive meat / fish): 2 + 5-digit-code + 99999 (example: 29876599999)  

How can I view sales for a specific product?

POS Program: Open the product through the Product menu -> hit  “F” Total Inventory Solutions: Open the product through the Product List -> hit Sales Summary or Sales Detail button