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FAQ Category: Register / Transactions

How can I manually enter a price-per pound on a product

Type the price per pound and L, i.e 199 L  

How can I reprint a transaction receipt?

Last Receipt: On empty Register screen -> hit Cntrl-P Previous Receipt: Use Alt-I to navigate to the transaction in question -> hit Enter on the Transaction ID -> hit P to Print. If transaction is from different register or from a different day / log, use F2 on the Alt-I screen to access transaction  

How can I get a list of all Cases with Codes?

In Register press 0G (zero, G)  

How can I Activate or Add Value to a Gift Card?

Enter amount in Register → Press F9 or F12 (depending on setup) → Select Activate New Gift Card or Add Value to Gift Card  

How can I change the Thank You text and etc. on my receipts?

POS -> Configure -> Receipt Notes -> Receipt Lines  

I placed a transaction on the wrong account, how can I fix that?

If it was done on the current Log: Alt-I to get to that ticket → Hit ”B” for Back-to-Sale to reactivate Ticket → Hit ”Y” for Payment List → Delete the “On Account” Payment → Press Esc to get to the unpaid transaction → ”U” to assign to correct Customer → Page Down to assign […]

How can I delete a transaction?

If transaction was done on the current Log: On the Register screen hit Alt-I → Navigate to correct Ticket and hit Enter → Hit “B” for Back-to-Sale to reactivate Ticket → Hit ”Y” for Payments → Delete Payment → Delete items in the transaction. The Transaction won’t be able to stay blank so you’ll need […]

Can I edit a Paid Out done on a Register?

For security purposes, a Paid Out cannot be edited or deleted. (Contact us if you need to correct an error)  

What does a transaction in Alt-I highlighted in yellow indicate?

Highlighted transactions indicate that actions like a Return or Void were done on that transaction  

How can I Pause / UnPause a Register?

To Pause Register – press K To Unpause Register – press Enter