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FAQ Category: Vendors / Invoices

How do I add additional columns to the Invoice view?

Refer to Image below: 1)  Click the star icon at the left of the column headers and put a check mark next to those you want to include on the grid 2) To save the view, click on the Save Column Layout icon  

What is the purpose of the column with a “Pin” icon in an Invoice?

It is designed to allow entering an abbreviated reason for a Cost change (i.e. D=Discount). If such a value was entered, the next time the Cost is changed you will be prompted to clear the Cost Flag since the current new cost might not apply to that Flag anymore. See attached image.  

If I set an invoice to “Do Not Post to Inventory”, will it be included in the Receiving and Sales Totals Product List Report?

Yes, these products will be included in all Receiving reports and show up on the products’ Delivery list, it just won’t be calculated as part of the Inventory Onhand.  

I received just a few pieces, not a full case, how do I enter it in the Invoice?

Set Qty to 1 ->  enter the amount received as the U/P/C -> when prompted how to save this new U/P/C select to save U/P/C “for this invoice only”  

How can I store multiple email addresses for a vendor?

Separate email addresses with ; (;  

How can I change the Vendor of an Invoice

Open the Invoice → select Actions → Copy Invoice → select the correct vendor → make sure to Delete the old invoice  

How can I change the default Quantity for Vendor Invoice Items?

To change the default qty to 0, 1 or anything else, please contact us so we can customize it to suite your needs