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Your POS is the heart of your business.

We’re here to make sure it doesn't miss a beat!

Whether you are opening a new store, expanding your chain, or simply outgrowing your current POS, you know that hundreds of companies are happy to sell you POS software.
But you need more than just software. Because your supermarket or grocery store relies on hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute transactions, the ticking clock of a system failure – or even a frustrating fight with a poorly designed interface – can cost you sales, and even customers.

CompuDime recognizes that your POS system is your customer-facing door to revenue, and that’s why we focus on feature design and support. Our solutions speed up every step of a transaction and back-end management, and we’re committed to being there with any answer you need in the event of trouble.
And because every retail site is different – with specific needs to match product types, customers, staff, work style, or a dozen other variables – we’ve created a rich library of add-on modules to customize your POS with the features you value most … and not to overwhelm you with those you don’t!

What We Do


We supply best-of-breed computer and scanning hardware, or integrate with your own hardware


Our software runs sales for a long list of customers who appreciate its out-of-the-box user-friendly functionality


Our rich library of optional add-on modules maximize productivity, and adapt the POS to the way you work


Making sure you are always up and running, and keeping customers happy, is your top priority… and ours