Gold membership plan details

Take advantage of our Gold Membership Plan to ensure unlimited

support for your entire team during business hours.

  • Free Helpdesk Support on Software Use

    Unlimited phone support & email support on usage of all Computer Dimensions software (POS register program, Total Inventory Solutions backend program, Reports, and all additional add-on modules).

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    ⁃ 3rd party software support (I.e., Outlook, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, etc.).
    ⁃ Hardware Setup / Diagnostic.

  • Unlimited System Configurations

    Customize the programs using the hundreds of existing built-in settings to have it fit your unique needs. All free of charge.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    ⁃ Custom features and settings, new reports, additional fields, custom rules, etc.
    ⁃ Add-On Modules.

  • Member-Only Website Access

    Gain access to our Member-Exclusive Website, featuring a large collection of FAQs, program usage tutorials, informative program usage video clips, and much more.

  • Software / Hardware Setup

    Troubleshooting and diagnostics for hardware integrated with Computer Dimensions programs and purchased from and installed by Computer Dimensions.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    Installation or setup of new hardware.

  • Warranty Handling

    Warranty handling for hardware purchased from Computer Dimensions.

    ℹ️ Does Not Cover:
    Hardware repairs, part replacement or diagnosing other hardware failures not related to program integration. Like Printer Calibration etc.

⚠️ Whatever is not Specified in the list, is by default excluded.