Program Feature Updates

FeatureProductsEnable adding new Weight in Product Weight View7/5/20228.0.13
EnhancementTransactionOption to View Ticket Flags in Register Transaction View7/5/20228.0.13
ChangeVendorsTrim Vendor Code when setting path for Scan n Save Document6/2/20228.0.11
ChangeVendorsRespect Cost changes in current Vendor Invoice for same item entered a second time in invoice5/20/20228.0.10
EnhancementVendorsAdded Cost Applied To column in Vendor Invoice and Vendor Item Deliveries Views5/20/20228.0.10
EnhancementProductsSupport exporting Alias Codes List5/20/20228.0.10
ChangeGeneralMake main form window maximized in VUI mode5/20/20228.0.10
ChangeProductsUpdate Hints on Product Translation action to display actual fields being translated5/20/20228.0.10
FeatureProductsProduct Additional Info values are now included in Global Product Changes (in the "Additional Product Info" section)5/11/20228.0.8
EnhancementVendorsAdded Copy File button on Scan n Save Document - PDF Viewer5/11/20228.0.8
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdd Ticket ID column on Customer Order View to view ticket where current line was filled - with option to View Ticket5/3/20228.0.6
FeatureProductsSupport for Product Ingredient Translation to Alt Ingredients5/3/20228.0.6
FeatureProductsSupport for Product Alt Ingredients entry5/3/20228.0.6
FeatureVendorsPDF Viewer for Scan n Save Document with Search optuions for Invoice codes5/3/20228.0.6
FeatureProductsSupport for Product Description Translation in Product List and Edit5/3/20228.0.6
ChangeVendorsWhen printing Scan n Save Document label for Vendor with no Code set, system now auto fills the Code4/13/20228.0.5
EnhancementCustomer OrdersView Customer Order Change Log3/16/20228.0.3
EnhancementProductsLast printed Label/Sheet Format on Product Pricing Options View is now remembered for next use3/16/20228.0.3
EnhancementProductsSupport to set Primary Image in Product Images View (for SelfCheckout etc.)2/28/20228.0.1
ChangeProductsInventory Transfers now set the Vendor Invoice # in created Vendor Invoice to date+time string1/20/20228.0.0
ChangeProductsInventory Transfers now auto set Status in created Vendor Invoice to Complete1/20/20228.0.0
FeatureProductsSupport for Basket Item Class type on Product1/20/20228.0.0
ChangeGeneralEnhanced Confirm Action prompts1/20/20228.0.0
EnhancementVendorsDisplay Scan n Save Document Scanning status as a column in Vendor Invoices List12/31/20217.0.36
EnhancementReportsColumn Text Filters now include Greater Than, Greater Than Or Equal To, Less Than, Less Than Or Equal To options12/28/20217.0.34
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdded Last Vendor column in Customer Order Details12/14/20217.0.33
EnhancementCustomer OrdersSupport for printing selected / listed Customer Orders from Customer Orders List12/14/20217.0.33
ChangeGeneralChanged main menu shortcut for Transactions to Alt-S (was conflicting Alt-R with Reports)12/14/20217.0.33
ChangeProductsShortcut for Product Future Cost was changed to Ctrl-F12/14/20217.0.33
EnhancementCustomer OrdersDefault sort order of Product List Search in Customer Order is now on Relevance - with auto snap back option11/10/20217.0.31
EnhancementCustomer OrdersProduct List Search in Customer Order now indicates products recently purchased by customer and allows sorting on Customer Relevance11/10/20217.0.31
ChangeVendorsAdded Store ID to Scan n Save Document labels11/10/20217.0.31
EnhancementProductsSupport Global Product Changes for WIC Code (with eWIC module)11/3/20217.0.30
FeatureProductsSupport Required Age on Product List and View11/3/20217.0.30
ChangeProductsAdded shortcut key (Ctrl-R) for Product Future Cost10/3/20217.0.29
EnhancementVendorsAdded right-click options for available actions on Generate PO View10/3/20217.0.29
EnhancementCustomer OrdersImporting Items to Customer Order now respects the setting that restrict duplicates of same item - adds to Quantity instead10/3/20217.0.29
ChangeProductsOption not to force Product Alternate Description to Upper Case10/3/20217.0.29
EnhancementVendorsImproved speed of Vendor Item Code entry on Vendor Invoice View9/1/20217.0.28
FeatureTransactionSupport to push each Register Transaction to QB Sales Receipts8/31/20217.0.27
EnhancementProductsFuture Cost now includes option of setting End Date for Future Cost8/29/20217.0.26
ChangeVendorsVendor Item Code Relation View now repects High DPI screens8/29/20217.0.26
EnhancementVendorsChanging Cost / U/P/C on Vendor Invoice line now updates visible Product info on bottom of view8/29/20217.0.26
EnhancementVendorsAdded support to export Vendor Invoice List View to XLSX8/19/20217.0.25
FeatureProductsSupport for Wic Code on Product Edit View8/12/20217.0.24
EnhancementVendorsSpeed improvments while entering Vendor Invoices8/9/20217.0.23
EnhancementCustomer OrdersEnhance layout of Customer Order Item View8/5/20217.0.22
EnhancementProductsEnable Find options on Mix & Match List View8/5/20217.0.22
EnhancementCustomer OrdersSave last used "Sort Item By" in Customed Order Printing8/5/20217.0.22
EnhancementProductsWic Code field on Product View and List8/3/20217.0.21
ChangeVendorsImprove speed on opening Vendor Return List View8/3/20217.0.21
EnhancementCustomer OrdersSupport for Brand Explicit column in Customer Order View7/26/20217.0.20
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdded right-click option to View Current Product on Product List in Customer Order View7/26/20217.0.20
EnhancementVendorsEnable Filters on Vendor Item Deliveries List View7/26/20217.0.20
EnhancementProductsSupport to Refresh Wic APL from Command Line with RefreshWicApl keyword7/19/20217.0.19
EnhancementCustomersCustomer History View now includes a column with Unapplied Payment amount7/13/20217.0.18
EnhancementProductsAdd dropdown to Alias List Code column on Product Edit View to lookup WIC Retailer Assigned Codes for WIC Items6/30/20217.0.17
FeatureCustomer OrdersSupport for CC Auth on Customer Orders6/28/20217.0.16
EnhancementReportsSupport for ExportRemoveHeader in XML Reports6/28/20217.0.16
FeatureProductsProduct Batch Adjust Inventory Module for Excel Imports6/11/20217.0.15
FeatureVendorsSupport For Scan n Save Document Scanning in Vendor Invoices6/2/20217.0.14
ChangeProductsProduct Grid View Location Data now highlights Cost changes accorss locations on Unit Cost field instead of Cost5/25/20217.0.13
EnhancementReportsSupport for Expression columns in Grid Layout5/25/20217.0.13
ChangeVendorsAllow edit Net Cost KG in Vendor Invoice when using KG / LB option5/25/20217.0.13
ChangeGeneralSearching with Find Panel on grids with Edit Mask (Tel #, Ticket # etc.) now allows searching without including the mask in the filter box5/11/20217.0.12
EnhancementVendorsAdded Qb Diff column in Vendor Invoices List to show Discrepancy between amount in invoice and amount posted to QB4/29/20217.0.11
EnhancementProductsSupport for setting specific BTW Printer for each option in Product Labels4/29/20217.0.11
FeatureCustomer OrdersOption to promot for Order Department on start of New Order4/29/20217.0.11
ChangeProductsPressing enter while entering Ingredients on Product Info View now creates a new line within the edit box4/21/20217.0.9
FeatureProductsFuture Consignment Module4/21/20217.0.9
ChangeTransactionAdded Customer Balance column in Register Transaction View4/21/20217.0.9
ChangeReportsSupport in Reports and Register Transaction View for eWic items2/23/20217.0.5
EnhancementVendorsSupport to view Product Custom Fields in Vendor Invoice Edit View2/3/20217.0.4
EnhancementProductsOption to select Products on Product List by Codes saved in Column A of an Excel file2/3/20217.0.4
EnhancementVendorsAdd Net Cost KG column in Vendor Invoice when KG conversion is set2/3/20217.0.4
ChangeVendorsEmptying Date on a vendor Invoice now auto sets back to previous or todays date2/3/20217.0.4
EnhancementCustomer OrdersOption to set default of Credit Limit prompt on Customer Orders to Authorize1/20/20217.0.2
ChangeGeneralRestored larger Grid font size for non High DPI screens1/20/20217.0.2
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdded shortcut key (Alt-O) on Create New order button when attempting to create order for customer with pending order1/20/20217.0.2
EnhancementCustomer OrdersPressing Enter in Find box now opens New order for selected customer (no need to press enter again once focused on list)1/20/20217.0.2
ChangeCustomersAdded tel2, Cell and fax to fields not to copy from Master (999-999-9999) when creating new Customer Account1/19/20217.0.1
ChangeVendorsRestrict Delete of Invoice or Line on Vendor Invoice with date is prior to Inventory Cut-Off Date1/19/20217.0.1
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdding product to Customer Order when set to input pricing to orders and customer has Custom Price, it is now entered to Order with Customer's Price1/19/20217.0.1
ChangeGeneralFixed issue with appearance of Modal forms on High DPI screens1/19/20217.0.1
ChangeVendorsChanged behaviour on Vendor Invoice with date is prior to Inventory Cut-Off Date to allow editing non-inventory effecting values1/11/20217.0.0
EnhancementTransactionAdded Customer Category and Custom Display columns to Browse Register Transactions View1/11/20217.0.0
EnhancementGeneralSupport to assign Receipt Logo for emailed receipts12/28/20206.0.37
ChangeGeneralNumeric column filtering was changed to support filtering on Blanks12/28/20206.0.37
EnhancementGeneralSome support for High DPI screens12/28/20206.0.37
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdded View Orders, View Templates, New Template and New & View Customer options on Customer Order Entry View12/22/20206.0.36
ChangeCustomer OrdersChanged Customer Order menu actions to say Order instead of Invoice12/22/20206.0.36
EnhancementProductsGlobal Changes now supports setting Product Default Cst to current Product Cost (when Default Cost is not yet set)12/15/20206.0.35
EnhancementVendorsAdded Invoice created on and Invoice Updated On timestamps on Item Delivery List View12/14/20206.0.34
ChangeVendorsAdded Product Preferred Vendor to Vendor Returns List View12/9/20206.0.32
FeatureVendorsSupport to view Vendor Invoice quantity converted to KG12/9/20206.0.32
EnhancementVendorsDisplay alert after Export / Update Vendor Invoice bills to QB with count of invoice Added / Updated12/2/20206.0.31
ChangeVendorsSuppress Bill amount and QB value comparison amounts when Vendor Invoice found in QB and not recorded in DB12/2/20206.0.31
EnhancementGeneralGrid Filters are now included when Saving and Restoring Grid layouts in Reports etc.11/29/20206.0.30
EnhancementVendorsPrior to posting Vendor Invoice to QB we now double check if vendor Invoice # was posted to QB for same Vendor11/26/20206.0.29
EnhancementReportsNew export option "Quoted CSV" in all Report Grids11/24/20206.0.28
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdded "Suspend Indefinitely" Status option in Customer Template View11/24/20206.0.28
EnhancementGeneralGrid Column filters now use the Excel popup method11/22/20206.0.27
EnhancementGeneralGrid filters are now visible and could be removed as Tokens11/22/20206.0.27
EnhancementCustomer OrdersRedo of Status / Schedule entry in Customer Template View11/22/20206.0.27
EnhancementVendorsOption to edit Vendor Invoice Status from Invoice List View11/17/20206.0.26
EnhancementCustomersReceipt auto and prompt email options added to Customer Receipt Settings options11/17/20206.0.26
EnhancementTransactionAdded option to email transaction receipt from View Receipt11/17/20206.0.26
ChangeProductsChanged Sale Price spacing on Product Edit and Pricing Update Views11/17/20206.0.26
FeatureVendorsAdded Check Box column on Vendor PO View (for Global Changes)11/3/20206.0.25
EnhancementVendorsAdded support for Unbound Columns in Vendor Generate Purchase Orders View11/3/20206.0.25
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAlert on Pending Open Orders for Customer when atatempting New order on Customer Order Entry View11/3/20206.0.25
FeatureProductsAbilty to setup up to 5 Restricted Access User Rights to Product List with products limited by filter11/3/20206.0.25
EnhancementCustomer OrdersOption to sort Customer Order printing by Due Date & Time with Time Method (Before, At, After)10/25/20206.0.24
FeatureCustomer OrdersAdd Delivery Time Method to Customer Templates10/25/20206.0.24
FeatureProductsSupport to Revert to Default Cost / Make Default Cost when setting Future Cost10/20/20206.0.23
FeatureProductsSupport for Default Cost on Product View10/20/20206.0.23
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAlt-X shortcut for Save & Close menu10/14/20206.0.22
ChangeReportsSupport for expressions like "Today-30 And Today" in -JobFile xml files to report by rolling dates10/13/20206.0.21
FeatureCustomer OrdersCustomer Order Entry View10/13/20206.0.21
FeatureTransactionOption to filter Register Transaction List by Transaction Tag (preset list)9/24/20206.0.20
EnhancementProductsChanging "Non-Inventory Product" status now allows option to "Retroactively Calculate Inventory for Product"9/24/20206.0.18
EnhancementCustomer OrdersDisplay Order Ststaus for Out for Delivery and Delivery Done9/21/20206.0.17
FeatureVendorsMerge Vednor Option9/21/20206.0.17
EnhancementVendorsDelete of Vendor is now password protected9/21/20206.0.17
ChangeListsSelect All / Unselect All / Invert Selection options are now on Column Header Right-Click popup menu9/21/20206.0.17
FeatureProductsAdd support for Item Class "AddOn Item"9/21/20206.0.17
ChangeListsMRU and Search Exact options are now on Column Header Right-Click popup menu9/21/20206.0.17
EnhancementCustomer OrdersOption to set "Do Not Auto Insert Product Price in Customer Order"9/1/20206.0.16
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAuto fill in "Ship To" City & State with entry of Zip Code on Customer Order View9/1/20206.0.16
EnhancementProductsProduct editing of Code requires Edit could now be Password Protected8/25/20206.0.15
EnhancementCustomer OrdersAdded Last Order option on Prior order tab of Customer Order Edit View8/25/20206.0.15
ChangeCustomer OrdersDesign changes on Customer Order Edit View8/25/20206.0.15
EnhancementVendorsOption to Validate all Unvalidated Records in Vendor Invoice with one click8/5/20206.0.14
EnhancementVendorsAdded "Add New Vendor" password right7/28/20206.0.13
EnhancementCustomersAdd "Alert on Register Payment" option for Customer Task List7/28/20206.0.13
EnhancementProductsProduct Alias list now auto refreshes when view is activated7/21/20206.0.12
EnhancementReportsAdded support for "Last Month Last year" in predefined date scope selector7/21/20206.0.12
EnhancementReportsAdded support for "This Month Last year" in predefined date scope selector7/21/20206.0.12
EnhancementReportsAdded support for "Last Week Last year" in predefined date scope selector7/21/20206.0.12
EnhancementReportsAdded support for "This Week Last year" in predefined date scope selector7/21/20206.0.12
EnhancementVendorsSupport Inventory Adjustments from Vendor PO7/21/20206.0.12
EnhancementTransactionOption to View Transaction Details and View / Print Receipt from Customer Delivery List7/21/20206.0.12