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Any Report available in Total Inventory Solutions can be setup as an “Automatic Email Report” (to be sent to you weekly / monthly etc.) or as a “Memorized Report” (the report will be added under the Memorized Report menu with all info prefilled for easy access). A Memorized report can be set to be accessible only to certain users and only have access to certain preset categories/brands etc. Use the form below to submit a request for an Auto Email Report or Memorized Report setup. You’ll be asked to submit a screenshot of a sample report. Open the Report Options in Total Inventory and fill out all info you would want to include on the Auto Email / Memorized Report. (For Weekly reports, select ‘Last Week’ as the date range, for Monthly, select ‘Last Month’ etc.) Take a screenshot of the report options and upload it to the form below. (see sample screenshot below)

Estimated ETA for report setup: 1 Week

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