Spend seconds — not hours — managing your invoices

It’s the 21st century. You shouldn’t be manually saving invoices.

Scan invoices, save them where they belong, and retrieve them when you need — all in a matter of seconds.

What some teams do:

Store them in physical cabinets

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Enormous waste of space

Scan each invoice and map it to the right folder

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Enormous waste of time

We have a better solution:

How does it work?

  • 1

    Input the invoice

    Enter the invoice into your POS — and click a button to print a barcode label.

  • 2

    Stick the label

    Stick this label on the printed invoice.

  • 3

    Scan and sit back

    Scan the invoice — and watch it automatically get matched to its electronic entry, for effortless future reference.

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Any order, any invoice, anytime

  • No need to feed your invoices in a particular order.
  • Work more efficiently by scanning a pile of invoices at the end of the day. If it’s got a barcode, it’ll get saved to the right place.
$4,200 (one-time fee)
  • Lifetime software access
  • No setup fees

Label printer and scanner

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Frequently asked questions

Will this save me work (or reduce my labor costs)?

Yes — to the tune of 260 hours per year. Next time you do a manual scan-and-save, time it. Multiply that by the amount of invoices you get each week. 😉

Can I email the saved documents to a vendor from within the POS?

Yes. You can email, edit, delete, or rotate the documents with a powerful built-in PDF editor.

Don’t waste your team’s time on
stuff that should be automated

Every store needs to be able to check back and cross-reference invoices for errors.

But you don’t have to waste hours of manpower doing it.

If you’d like to
  • Use your resources more efficiently
  • Avoid clogging precious space with cabinets
  • Drop your invoices in the scanner and walk away
  • Retrieve past invoices without a 10-minute file search

Then you’re a great fit for