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Whether you manage a single location or a chain with shared inventory and pricing, a mom-and-pop market, or an emporium, Compudime provides an end-to-end, turnkey solution, including all the hardware and software you need for smooth, effortless sales.

Our solutions are built from the ground up to be completely customizable, with a rich selection of optional modules for the special features you need. Contact us to discuss our module catalog.

Our software includes literally hundreds of options, and if our add-on modules don’t provide a very specific feature you’d like to see, our developers will be happy to create it for you.

Some of the features and functions available in our systems (some included, some at additional cost):

  • Supplemental Applications: Delivery, Loyalty/Gift Cards, IVR Phone system, Labeling, and more.
  • Multi-Location Tool: To sync inventory, product info, gift cards, and more.
  • Mobile Tools: Everything you need to work as you move around the store… even LineBuster checkout to ring up purchases for those waiting to reach the register.
  • Back End Functions: Backups, virus protection, software patch management, and more.
  • Integration: We know that you may have existing hardware, perhaps an e-commerce website, or other tools you don’t want to part with. Our team will create a seamless connection between your new POS and these legacy components.

Finally, we know that your business revolves around what you can sell… right now. Our support team is available on-demand to immediately diagnose and solve any problem you may experience. Inquire about our various support plans with access to extended service hours and unlimited phone/remote access support.

Please see our FAQ for answers to specific questions you may have.


How does it work?

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    To begin, our representative meets with you in our offices for an overview discussion, and then at your location.

    We survey the physical site as well as the configuration of your current POS, and interview you and your sales team to understand your current workflow/tools.

    We also go through your “wish list” for bringing your business and customer experience to the next level.

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    Next, we provide an initial proposal, which includes:

    • The core software with licenses to match your operation’s current sales scope;
    • A list of add-on modules and features based on the features you requested to match or exceed your existing system;
    • Modules that we strongly recommend adding to improve business processes and efficiency.
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    Once we agree on the complete package, we submit the final proposal.

    Upon signing, we schedule an installation session (usually in the evening to minimize downtime).

    We prepare and preconfigure virtually all the software ahead of time, so the actual installation is quick.

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